A Rumor in the Giudecca

(To Dante)

Now that you lie with Beatrice,
You know that I intend
No rudeness to the faith
By the way I bend
Your comedy a little
With a story the condemned
Sometimes undertone
Looking for a friend
In the cold and aimless stairwells
Their suffering must descend.

Judas had a woman.
Her love did so extend,
The Devil himself grew old
Waiting for it to end
So he could have a soul
No other soul would tend.
Eternities came and went.
So fast it was as though
It lacked intelligence,
Her love stood very slow.
Before the fiend could start
On that live frozen dinner
He bought for thirty pieces,
Her love had thawed the sinner
And Judas flowed to heaven.
The Lord of Underneath,
Old age and her long sweetness
Had rotted out his teeth.
This love was hard and grueling,
Not like the common mush,
The loose love always set
On the edge of hell for cooling.
Heaven firm the latter,
For the toothless enemy
Swills inconsistency.
Make men and women matter
To each other once again.
Teach them how to hold
Like her in the tale just told.

–January 14, 1989

(“A Rumor in the Giu8decca” was published in the July 4, 2002 issue of 11694 Fullosia Press, Ronkonkoma NY.)

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